Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer Rolls

Makes 4 servings

For stir fried noodles:
Two bunches of clear noodles or bean threads

2 carrots, shreaded
2 celery stalks, sliced
a bunch of asparagus
1 table spoon canola oil
1 tea spoon salt
1 table spoons sugar
a few dashes of black pepper

For wrapping:
Rice papers

a bunch of mint leaves
a bunch of cilantro
a bunch of basils
romain lettuce
1 cucumber, sliced length wise about 3 inch-long

To make stir fried clear noodles or bean threads:
1. Boil bean threads for about 5 minutes, drain well.
2. Turn the stove to high, heat up a wok until hot, add oil until hot, add carrot saute for 1 minute, add celery, saute for 1 minute, add asparagus, saute for 1 minute, add salt, sugar and black pepper.
3. Stir in noodles, mix well, remove from heat.

To wrap:
1. Soak 1 piece of rice paper with warm water, place it in plate A.
2. Soak another one place it in plate B.

3. Use the rice paper in plate A to wrap by adding 1 piece of lettuce, 1 slice of cucumber, a few mint leaves, basils, and cilantro:
4. Put the stir fried noodles on top:

5. Fold the two sides:

6. Roll tightly away from you, near the end place 1 asparagus:

7. Continue to roll until the end:

8. Transfer it to plate C, cover with a wet tower.
9. Soak another piece of rice paper, put it on plate A.
10. Use the rice paper on plate B to wrap another roll.
11. Served with sweet and sour soy sauce. Enjoy!

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