Saturday, February 6, 2010

Walking Meditation When Angry

When anger arises, we may wish to go outside to practice walking meditation.  Practice like this:

Breathing in, 
I know that anger is here.
Breathing out,
I know that the anger is me.
Breathing in,
I know that anger is unpleasant.
Breathing out,
I know this feeling will pass.
Breathing in, I am calm.
Breathing out, I am strong enough
to take care of this anger.

To lessen the unpleasant feeling brought about by the anger, we give our whole heart and mind to the practice of walking meditation.  As we walk, we recite this verse and wait until we are calm enough to look directly at the anger.  After a while, our anger will subside and we will feel stronger.  Then we can begin to observe the anger directly and try to understand it.

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