Friday, February 25, 2011

Chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple

The strawberries turned out to be fine, but I had trouble with the pineapple.  The juice of the pineapple slices thickened the chocolate sauce that made it very hard to dip and therefore, the pineapple didn't look so attractive :).  Maybe this is why not too many people make chocolate covered pineapple.  The next time I will pour the sauce over the pineapple slices, instead of dipping them.  Despite the problem, the chocolate pineapple slices still taste better.

  • 4 strawberries, washed with salt water, dry with paper towel.
  • 1 bar (4oz) of Hershey chocolate baking bar
  • 6 slices of pineapple

1. Break chocolate into pieces, put chocolate in the metal bowl, put the bowl a pot with a little bit of water (or a double boiler), boil the water in pot, the chocolate will melt into liquid.
2. Turn the heat to low, dip in 1 strawberry at a time, place it on a plate lined with wax paper or plastic wrap.
3. Refrigerate for 3 hours so the chocolate will be hardened.

Have fun making these delicious treats :)
Namo A Mi Two Fwo.

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