Friday, May 2, 2008

Help with uploading images to blog

05/07/2008: Still having the problem:

I downloaded Mozilla Firefox browser, worked much better, didn't have to sign on to picasa web either

05/06/2008: Still having the problem:

1. Upload only 2 images at a time
2. Have to go to Tools, Internet Options, Delete..., Delete files, cookies, forms, passwords after each load


All of the images you try to upload to blog will go to the Picasa Web Album, so make sure you have the control installed on your machine.

1. Sign out of your blog
2. Go to
3. Sign on with your id and password from your blog
4. Create an album
5. Upload an image to the album
6. If you don't have the Picasa Web Albums Upload Control installed yet, the site will walk you through the install
7. After the install, try to upload an image to the album from picasaweb. It should work, if not then there is something wrong with the install
8. Stay signing on to picasaweb
9. Sign in to your blog
10. Now try to upload an image to your blog, it should work.

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